Melbourne Granny Flats, Studios and Extensions - Quick and affordable.

Our Melbourne granny flats and garden studios are ideal if you’re looking to create more space, build an extension or provide a well-designed abode for a dependent. At Garden Studios, we have been providing architecturally designed, relocatable homes and granny flats for more than five years. Our studios are customisable, have superior insulation, and are quick to build.

Share Your Ideas With Us

We work with you.

We understand the importance of personalisation, and will consult with you to understand the “look” you want. The customised studio will then be designed within your budget having given consideration to the landscape it will inhabit. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” granny flat.

Not just a granny flat.

Our granny flats and garden studios are architecturally sound and include a selection of finishing touches that aim to improve the value of your property. Whether you are seeking a space for a second dwelling, an extension of your existing space, or simply providing a spot for the kids to play and relax, our main focus is providing you with a building of that will act as a long-term investment.

Our reputation has been built on dependability and service, and the goodwill that we’ve created has helped us immensely, with referrals being the predominant way our customers find us. Our granny flats and studios are made at our factory in Moorabbin, or constructed on-site, depending on site access. Our structures are built to comply with the Victorian building code and all the materials we use conform to the Australian Building standard.

Contact Garden Studios for Granny Flats Solutions.

At Garden Studios, we have a great variety of Melbourne granny flats to choose from. We are located in south-east Melbourne, Victoria and we use only locally produced products and materials for all of our granny flat designs. Garden Studios Melbourne is also committed to a sustainable future, and all of the bungalows and granny flats that we can provide will also include eco-friendly building practices.

Whether it be a home for a family member, or simply additional space to stimulate the creative nous, we’re here for you. Our granny flat design and building consultants will be all ears, as we work together to design an outdoor studio that everyone in the family can enjoy. If you are in Victoria, contact us right away, and let’s design your new backyard cabin in Victoria.

For more details, get in touch with us at Garden Studios – your preferred granny flats builders in Melbourne who are well known to provide you with affordable and modern granny flats with premium look to suit your standards, budget and requirements.